Well, to start with, I have NO ISO 400 Kodachrome. Although, by reports, it did make mud look like mud! Maybe more so!

I cannot process the film except to B&W, but then anyone can do it.

I used the example on Wikipedia as an example only. But, on average, the one on the left is chosen or something in between. This is not uncommon.

As saturation goes up, errors creep in due to errors in the dyes or in the imaging process, so for example as red saturation goes up, detail is lost because you are removing yellow and magenta which represent the real only source of detail. This is called undercut, where the saturation of one color is undercutting the presence of another color. At least that is the way we refer to this in film design.

I found 1/2 brick of a C41 coating in the freezer today. IDK what it represents, as it is a plant experiment with an FW before the emulsion # and no other detail. So, sorry, no Kodachrome. I do have a Kodachrome experience to relate though. When E6 came out, I quit using Kodachrome!

Thats it.