My intent in opening this post was not to ask for advice on file recovery. I go a lot however; posted here and via PM. Thanks to everyone that tried to help.

My main post is that anyone that has shot film has an instant archive in the envelope when their photos arrive. When my grandparents died all of their photos and negative were there and viewable by eye. They were all saved. With digital even when you know what you are doing and take care, spend dollars and hours of effort you can still lose a lot or even everything.

Much of the advice posted here I already knew about and had tried. None worked for me. All of the information posted here may help others not as experienced as me however. So if you have advice give it. Especially if it can help with film archive storage and organization.

I realize that this is APUG. However the first thing photo thing I ever did on my computer was to start to enter information on my negative and slide collection. When the information was in a digital format searching key words, date and such was so much easier.