Having just finished my first same scene, same developer comparison of Bergger BPF 200 and J&C Classic 200, I can verify that there is no comparison between these two films.

The scene had a SBR of 4 and I developed two sheets of 4X5 film in Pyrocat HD at a 1-2-100 dilution.

The Classic 200 with a 13 1/2 minute development at 75 degrees had a net peak density of 1.20 (after subtracting for FB+fog). This is one of the finest negatives that I have ever observed coming out of my system. Development was very even and details are sharply delineated...this is one that I look forward to printing. Development was much more even then ABC pyro which is certainly a good developer...but not on the par of Pyrocat HD. PMK, which is a good developer for enlarging is "far and away" removed from the results that I have obtained with Pyrocat HD.

The Bergger BPF 200 with a 20 minute development time (same temp and same dilution) arrived at a .90 net peak density (again subtracting for FB+fog). Certainly this will print ...but not with the same ease and with a considerably higher paper grade.

Had I wanted to contact print on Azo, I would have followed Sandy's recommendations. These negatives were developed at the higher dilution for enlarging purposes.

The Classic 200 was exposed at one stop faster EI then the Bergger. (125 vs. 64).