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Neither of us did!

I love it. Even though you're so very tired of all the ballyhooing about Kodachrome being gone, you haven't lost your graciousness or sense of humor. You're a true gentleman and the APUG community is so much richer because of your presence here.

I also stopped shooting Kodachrome quite a while ago because the fastest speed I could get was 64 (I don't think the 200-speed version was available yet), and my lens was so slow and flash was so wimpy (I was a poor student then) that I couldn't get decent Christmas pictures with a 64-speed film. Ektachrome 200 was fast enough so that's what I switched to. I did shoot a roll or two of the K200 when it was available, but didn't like it as well as I did the Ektachrome or the K64.