We opened the color paper and tested it. The paper is totally new, with the start edge taped. The roll is very tight. The blue emulsion side is on the outside. I cut about 15 sheets of 5" each, then cut each into 4x5 sheets.

I used a filter setting of 55Y/38M, slightly higher than the 50Y/33M setting for the Super C paper. The negative is the same one, same size too. I had to increase the exposure time from 10 sec to 18 sec.

From what I can tell, the paper is not fogged. There is no strange color, either inside or on the edges. BUT, compared to the Super C paper, the test print is lacking contrast. The dark blue is not very blue, but has some grey tint to it. The color is just not vivid. I do not know if this is the symptom of fogging, or the PIII paper is just different from Super C paper.

It is known that Super C has more contrast and is a faster paper. I just do not have experience with the PIII paper. It was designed for portrait and wedding.