Making a male female gear couples or laser are fantasy. Best way is to use printing press house expertise. Rotogravure printing press houses print their subject on everykind of thick paper or plastic. These papers or plastics layups as hundreds of sheets at the end of the press machine. They have to cut and folded at too many applications at binding houses.

An expert binder get ordered with a computer output cutting pattern. Every binder have a man who prepares cutting patterns with folding thin sheets of steel and nail one end of these folded steel on to wooden board and other end sharp and free.

When you put this board on to papers or plastics and press from the top , folded steel cuts the thick several hundreds of papers like an butter.

And these guys are busy and get many orders per day. And they are cheap.

May be best way is to cut 1 meter long polyester bases for 35mm film and lay a 100 meters long film as 100*1 meter lay up and get cut at binder house for sprockets. And after all coat these sheets. No dark is needed , you can clean the cut pieces by hand .