I've been shooting large format only for a couple of years now, and the film I defaulted to is now out of production. I'm currently buying a whole bunch of different Ilford, Fuji and Kodak films to experiment and to see which ones I prefer. So far, I've narrowed it down to Ilford Delta and FP4+, Kodak Ektar, and Fuji Provia. These should do all the things I require, and my forthcoming testing should confirm that they'll be fine (I'm doing proper testing because so far, I've just dabbled).

I am serious about my photography (I am working towards being a fine art photographer) and the money matters far less than having film available in the future which I've tested and become comfortable with (I'm standardising my systems at the moment and want to settle on just a few type of films).

If I'm spending $1000-$2000/mth for a while on film to store in a freezer, what considerations should I have?

So far, I'm thinking:
  1. Upgrade to a larger freezer.
  2. Do calculations to determine whether it's cheaper to order in one batch each month or smaller batches, given our import customs limit
  3. Will colour film last long past its expiry in a freezer like B&W does?

Am I missing anything? I know I might appear nuts, but I've thought it through.... mostly!