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Neither rich nor living beyond my means... I've just had some clarity over the past few years... I'm happy to forego new cars, Playstations, travel, trips to the cinema and so on in exchange for doing what I really love. If I spend my time and money like other men my age, I'd have no time or money for the level of photography I'd like to achieve. That said, I don't smoke, rarely drink, and don't have kids, either!


I don't suppose you have an extra room I could shack up in do you? If you've got that much film, I'm moving in.

That said, I don't drink, smoke, nor do I have kids either - and I think I have a single 5 roll pack of 120 TriX in the freezer and that's the extent of my film right now. How do you find time to actually shoot 1-2K worth of film per month? The developing along would kill me! LOL