Below are the test print scanned using Epson v700 with dust removal.


First one is original, color is off
2nd one is after Photoshop auto color
3rd one is after Photoshop autoContrast
4th one is after Photoship autoTone
Last one is after all Photoshop auto adjustments

Clearly the color balance is off. Probably it is on the Cyan side. I do not see a lot of changes on the contrast and tone changes.

How do I know the auto adjustments made in Photoshop? Judging by the print after autocolor, the paper looks good. It brings back the vividness.

For comparison, I attached two other photos, one is the original shop print, the other one is my previous test print with Super C paper:

The super C test print is a little red or magenta. But it still acceptable.

What do you think of the color balance I should make on both the PIII and Super C papers? Are the densities ok?