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Why not buy a relatively small amount of each of the films you are interested in, do the tests, and then decide what to buy? ...
In any case I'm not sure I understand your purpose in stocking up.
That's what I'm just about finished doing. :-) Stocking up because I'm spending time in perfecting my own system of working, which relies on continuity of supply. I'm not in the US, so it's harder/more expensive for me to get the film. I don't want to spend time and money modifying my system to a particular combination of supplies only to find (like with Efke and some Kodak products) that they are suddenly gone. I'd at least like enough film stocked up so if this happens, I can keep a supply of my absolute favourite film in reserve for special projects, and give myself enough time to find a new set of films, test them, and then modify my system accordingly.