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I don't suppose you have an extra room I could shack up in do you? If you've got that much film, I'm moving in.

That said, I don't drink, smoke, nor do I have kids either - and I think I have a single 5 roll pack of 120 TriX in the freezer and that's the extent of my film right now. How do you find time to actually shoot 1-2K worth of film per month? The developing along would kill me! LOL
Hehehe... the commute would kill you, though! I wouldn't shoot all that film per month... just saying that would be my monthly budget for buying film for a few months, to get a bit of a stockpile. The developing is another task... Also buying Metol, Sodium Thiosulphate, acetic acid, kodalk, etc., in bulk. At least it's cheap on a per-sheet basis.