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"I'll" do my testing, buy some film and go photograph the gardens of Japan, or some such subject of interest and consider the experience an opportunity to record the wonders of the world. Perhaps that will translate into creating a travel book or a photo book, but for sure I'll be richer from the experience of meeting different people. So for me it's not the potential in the freezer that counts, it's what it produces in the life. Like I say, a different response.

You've got some very good points. I've already been trying to weigh-up the options for the cash... I could spend a little, travel, shoot some landscapes, publish a book, and repeat, or I could stockpile some film, invest time and energy in my technique at home, and in a couple of years, I have improved technical skills and a great match between my film and my personal system of working. Even better, I'd also have film in the freezer, regardless of whether the manufacturer still exists or not.

Both scenarios have merit. Luckily for me, I don't think they are mutually-exclusive. I don't admit this often, but I'd love to be the Ansel Adams of my area, so travel isn't majorly expensive. I could store film and still go experience life and get it on film. :-)

Really great comment, thanks for thinking of the big picture!