Another photo show in Boston at the BPL, and another graceful review by the Globe's Mark Feeney, Feeney writes "'An Elevated View' is equally rewarding as urban history and aesthetic exercise. The el had gotten pretty shabby by the time of its dismantling. But within that shabbiness, photographers David Akiba, Lou Jones, Jack Lueders-Booth, Melissa Shook, and Linda Swartz found a complex and varied beauty. Sometimes, as in Shook’s “Dover, the Orange Line, Washington Street,” they even found something like majesty and magic."

The pictures and Feeney's words make me want to see this show. Anyone else? Anyone read these reviews? Anyone go to these shows? And to quote myself: I remember eagerly awaiting photography reviews from A.D. Coleman when he wrote for the Times, and then later for words and pictures and words about pictures from the Boston Review of Photography, or Photo Metro, even mass circulation magazines like Camera Arts, or Camera (my very favorite, still). Are there any such in these digital times?