I just cut down some 8" color paper. I did not want to test the "darkness" of my darkroom, so I cut it inside a Harrison change tent. I think I had adequate room, and just need to get used to it.

I fed the paper from the right side, on top of a table with soft top. The cutter is an very old Nikkor rotary trimmer, about 12x12 size. I remove a backstop from a Dahle cutter and tape it onto the cutting base. I did not know exactly where the emulsion side was and I fed the paper with emulsion side down. I think next time I'm going to do the emulsion side up. There was no emulsion scratches and no fingerprints. I think this is winter and we do not sweat much at all.

The size is 8x5 and I cut 20 sheets in no time. With the change tent, I can certainly cut down more, even during the day time. I was just eager to test the new paper.

I've not decided on what to do when I'm going to cut 8x10 size. I may use the same setup, or may get out of the tent and cut it with the larger cutter in open darkroom. Then I'll have to make sure the darkroom is light tight.

Roll papers are definitely cheaper than the sheet papers. The paper was almost free, costs little.