OK. I have been film hoarding a bit lately, not to the extent that you have but enough that we are getting a second fridge and my wife thinks I need to join 'film-anon' ;-)

I have mainly been hoarding good deals (expired film purchases, etc) or films that are going away (efke 25). But for the long term health of the industry that it would probably be best if I stop stock piling and try to purchase on a regular basis. Buying regularly and trying to spread it around is probably the best thing we can do to ensure long term availability. Granted, if you decide that the best film for you is from a company that you worry about (like kodak or efke) then maybe stockpiling is a good thing to do. The problem with us all stockpiling is that it will help the company now but then they may not see us again for a while. I am trying to resist re urge to stockpile unless I am offered an amazing deal or know for sure (efke 25) that something is going away. Even then, when I stockpile efke 25 I know it will mean I am not buying stuff like ilford pan f for a while.