I have developed dozens of rolls of C41 film with Tetenal's 2 bath kits and so far found two issues:
  1. When I go directly from CD to BLIX, I sometimes get yellow color streaks in my images.
  2. The BLIX exhausts noticeably when the bath is reused a few times, long before Tetenal's stated capacity is reached.

I solved the first issue with a regular stop bath between CD and BLIX, but wondered whether some acidic fixer could solve both issues at once. Since I have access to the raw materials for mixing Agfa 304 (200 g/l Sodium Thiosulfate, 50 g/l Ammonium Chloride, 20 g/l Sodium Metabisulfite, pH ~ 4), I wondered whether I could use this to both stop the color developer, scavenge remaining CD-4 (oxidized or not), and take some load off the following BLIX step by eliminating most of the silver halide left over in the CD step. The ingredients for Agfa 304 are so dirt cheap that processing cost would barely increase (and that's the reason I wouldn't want to use Ammonium Thiosulfate).

Has anyone tried this or something along these lines before? Are there any pitfalls I overlooked? Any suggested improvements ?