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The gentleman said that super 8 has "pixelation" instead of grain. I was hurt ;-)
I noticed that too, and chuckled a bit I confess. But I let it slide. Whatever he called it, it's the idea of embracing imperfections as something valuable that I find so endearing. Humans are not perfect, and neither are the technologies we create. We may make them technically better, using numbers to prove our point, but besides the technical side of things - are they really that much better? It takes a significant amount of soul searching to be honest about it, because media and mainstream tells us that Bluray and a 50" LCD HDTV is better. It's the norm, and it is being reinforced and pounded into our brains with real ferocity; it is difficult to ignore.
But I find a lot of value in people that think outside the mainstream, because they help keep these types of technologies alive, not for any reason other than they like it, and that is very very cool.