Agree on the paper, I have no more than a year supply on hand. As for film base fog, I am doing better than expected in that regard..

For example, I live at 8,000 feet and yet both my Kodak HIE expired in 2009 and my Aerographic 2424 (120 version of HIE ) have no detectable base fog. I bet it will be fine by the time it is all shot in a couple years, who knew?

That being said, I have no other films like that or really high speed stuff stored for the reasons you have stated. I bet one could come up with a sound plan for color, I personally have no interest in doing that though...

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More worrisome will be availability of chemicals, specially for color. I have kept Kodachrome 25 for 5 years past exp with no ill effect, but that is basically black and white film. Slow film lasts longer than fast film, but at some point they all fog from radiation unless you have a salt mine. Buy raw chems for D76 and divide the metol into small sealable bottles. Cut down a plastic spoon to remove powder. Hydroquinone is far less sensitive to oxidation but is sensitive. 20 mule team borax lasts forever. The Chemistry Store sells sodium sulfite in 25 # pails cheap and it works.

I have no idea how to get around the fact black and white paper has chemicals in it so it need not be aged before being sold. Cost saving for Ilford, bad for us because freezing will not stop the fog that generates in 3 years. I have some 40 year old Medalist ( exp 1969) that prints ok, not great but ok. Any current paper is gone in 3 years. You can scan and digitize, but scanners will not be available or repairable by then and software probably will not go into the computer available at that time.

In short, think this through very carefully.