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The Carbine 7 is rare, unusual, and in my judgment this one consists entirely of the original equipment. There is only a small amount of brassing in one location (one of the film holders).

The Ross Xpres lens is not coated, but it is immaculate. In spite of its lack of coating I expect that it will prove to be well color corrected. I will be taking some color and B&W pictures and we will see.

The Compur shutter is rim set and operates correctly, even at the low speeds.

The coupled rangefinder is working properly.

I prefer the way this camera handles and operates in comparison to my Bessa II.

I will take a few pictures of the camera and post them.
I just can't wait to see them! You're excused to use a digital camera for the mugs shots of the Carbine - if it gets them up here faster, I don't care....

Did you have to bleed a lot to buy it?