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Mannes and Godowsky had custom coatings and custom synthesized chemicals made by EK even when they lived in NYC. When they moved to Rochester, their labs expanded and they got more chemicals and coatings. Steve here has had to replicate all of this with a fixed film base to work with and some rough formulas in patents that represent an amalgam of K14 and the previous process, as the product we knew was still in development.

I think, it would be easier to reinvent Kodachrome, then to make a process for existing stocks of Kodachrome. The only way to make a K14 process, would be if Kodak were to release the chemical formulas to the public domain or sell them to the new producer. The issue becomes making film stocks in small enough quantities that it could be all sold before it expired. Also to make the chemicals in small enough quantities that it was used up, before it expired.