I'd like to get 100 sheets in ISO 400 and 200 sheets in ISO 100 in 5x7 and 4x5, then 20-ish rolls of ISO 400 and 10 of ISO 100 in 120. It would cost right around $600 for Arista EDU Ultra. Totals: 600 sheets of film and 30 rolls, totaling 960 shots. That would take me through at least six projects I'd think, four in large format and at least two in 120. So it would likely last the year or more.

I'll likely buy one of each of the large format, and ten of the ISO 400 120. It'll take it down to a number my husband won't gripe about, plus it'll allow me to rethink what films I want to use for the next projects. It should get me through the three that I have in mind right now.