Well since I went to medium format work a few years back, I created an Excel spreadsheet where I use one page per roll and record frame number, a brief description, exposure and any filters used in vertical columns. I also have a header area where I record the film, camera and possibly some metering info (which meter etc.) and a bit about the general subject; also the lens if the camera has interchangeable lenses. At the bottom I have a note area for processing - developer, time and temp, or what lab if color. I also record a general comment about the results and can place notes about individual shots on the line for each frame if the mood strikes me. I use a small voice recorder to make field notes as I shoot (unless overcome by laziness).

I have the pages grouped for my assorted and sundry cameras with a hint in an index number 'SQ063.10' is frame 10 in roll #63 from my SQ-A, etc. Negatives go in Printfile pages with separate ring binders for 35mm, 120, and 4x5 (which generally only happens on Worldwide Pinhole Day!) The pages are identified with film type, roll number corresponding to the Excel sheets, shoot date and subject, set in chronological order.

In Excel, one can create links just like on a webpage, so I have a master index and then a subject index, divided by year and grouped for the camera model (except little used cameras are together in a 'Misc' group). I also have a film type index which allows me to see and click to sheets for TriX or FP4 or whatever. Each film page has three links to go back to the master index, subject index or film index so one can click back and forth. (Yes, I'm a retired software type and have too much time on my hands.) D!git@l shots go into a file hierarchy with actual image files in a folder named 20yy_mm_dd_subject which are then grouped into folders by year and maybe subdivided into two-month sub-folders. (It sounds more complicated than it is.) I also scan some of my film negatives and insert them into the same file hierarchy.

It works for me, but then I also don't generally shoot 300 shots a week either.