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The issue becomes making film stocks in small enough quantities that it could be all sold before it expired. Also to make the chemicals in small enough quantities that it was used up, before it expired.
A few things come to mind.

AT WHAT PRICE??? The price to develop the film will be $250 per roll. The price per roll might be, what, $200? So nobody will pay to buy the film, and nobody will pay to have the film developed. Any Kodachrome replacement would not be cheap, as in under $50 per roll. Face it, when it was only double the price of E6, it wasn't popular. Steve McCurry started shooting digital instead of Kodachrome in 2005, and Kodachrome was discontinued in 2009.

Like PE said, there's nothing special about the process, because several other manufacturers have done the same thing, and dropped it. Kodak held out. Finally Kodak dropped it. I can't imagine anybody bringing back Kodachrome, especially investing millions in redevelopment, as long as Fuji is making E6. Fact is, I can't imagine anybody bringing it back as long as C41 is available.

If somebody wants to shoot Kodachrome "at any price," that person can do it right now. The price and the minimum order has been stated, and it isn't that exorbitant.