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The "newest" film cameras from Canon/Nikon from the 1998-2005ish timeframe have all of these.

-Shutter lock (which I agree is super useful if you have a camera bag or walk around all day with a camera on your shoulder, inevitably you hit that darn button)
-film top holder (they don't often have that but mostly because the camera reads the DX codes and sets the ISO for you. [I agree still would be nice to have it]).
-PC socket
-30 second long exposure
-Mirror lockup

I wish they had a programmable super long exposures like up to an hour, 30 seconds is not enough sometimes. (Still offer shutter release cable but prefer it in camera).

But more than anything... Time lapse... I don't for the life of me understand why they can't have an internal timer that allows for you to take an image every 10 minutes or 30 minutes or every hour, it would be easy to program. Drives me nuts....


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The F6 has all of these.