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Well, Chloride is a halide, and there is some interaction. Since color neg is carefully balanced, I would avoid Chloride ion if at all possible. Kodak quit using HAHCl just about when I joined the company for just that reason. In fact, there was none on the shelves when I came there. Everything was HAS and so I did not get to run the experiment comparing the two. I just accepted the "current wisdom" on the subject.

Maybe I should not have, but that was the accepted situation back then.

I just suspect it would be very low, due to it's weak solvent and restraining action in B&W dev's normally needs to be significantly higher to be useful. I do have access to a densitometer which I calibrate before every use, and a Imacon 949, if I get some time, I can plot some colour curves, and do some very high scans to examine grain and sharpness differences using varying NaCl amounts added to C-41 developer.