The real problem, besides the fact there's no real market, with anyone coming out with a new Kodachrome like process is that those chemicals would also have to serve the commercial photo finishing business, where the infrastructure is already tiny and still shrinking. The few remaining labs, few enough of whom even do E6 any more, would have to set up whole new lines. It isn't going to happen. Just won't. Even if a new film were made easier to manually process somehow the market for home processed color is tiny. It wouldn't exist at all except that C41 and E6 materials made for commercial use are pretty easily adapted.

The only way I can see it even COULD happen would be for a new, re-invented, leaner Kodak by whatever name to do occasional runs and supply maybe one or two contracted labs with chemicals for periodic batch runs, maybe in something like a K-lab. I doubt there's a market for this. If there were, and if the price could be kept competitive with E6, then I'd still put the odds at maybe 0.001% or so. Of course I pulled that number out of my changing tent as it were - it's possible, but it's vanishingly unlikely.

I agree with PE that it's gone. I just still like talking about it.