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Isn't that the only C41 film Fuji makes, or made, in 120 besides 400H?

We must save Kodak. Portra 160, 400 and Ektar 100 are superb, wonderful films, but the are all that is left (aside from 400H and some consumer stuff in 35mm.)

I can find 160S easily in 120, but I have heard that this is discontinued too. I swear Fujifilm's lack of communication is borderline criminal. Reala was an awesome film and losing this is a big blow to my thoughts about film. How can Fuji claim to be committed to film when they are clearly cutting bone now, not fat.

Kodak Porta is very good, but also very expensive here in China. It is significantly more expensive but I have started shooting it since I am now out of 400H. I wanted to try it and like my results so far. It's just the cost, and seriously, I dont believe for a second that Kodak is going to survive.

I know b & w is fairly secure, but I dont see myself shooting film if I have to exclusively shoot it. I need to shoot color too. Yet color film seems VERY threatened now.

I may hoard Reala. My dealer has a lot of it in stock. I could buy a years worth easily or more. I have to think about this. News like this is a big shock to me.