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I agree with PE that it's gone. I just still like talking about it.
I like thinking about Kodachrome, too. I think, though, that we need to put as much money and effort as possible in keeping E6 alive, since it's more economical. In several hours, I should be getting 9 rolls of slides and 2 reels of Super 8 back that I shot at Caprock Canyons State Park. I scrounged up enough money to shoot it and plan to keep doing so into the future. I'll post links to my flickr page.

One thing I want to ask, PE (it's not about Kodachrome, I promise ). Let's say that commercial E6 went the way of Kodachrome. Would it be far more economical and easier to start a small commercial E6 line (say, like Ilford with black and white). I hope this doesn't happen, but I pay good money to shoot E6, because it's really good stuff. I'd hate to see that happen to E6.