The worst starter camera is a Crown Graphic, the deficit of all but minor movements means it can be a very limiting camera. I have been using one for about 6 years in Turkey, but had other 5x4 cameras in the UK.

This is from another Forum today:

"I bought a Speed Graphic a few months ago, because I thought using barrel lenses would be cool. But it's too cool for the likes of me! My main frustrations with the camera were the difficulty of switching from landscape to portrait mode, and the size/weight/handling.

So this month I bought a Super Graphic, and I love it! The rotating back is awesome. I didn't realize that having more (and easier) movements would be so useful. The ground glass is better than the Speed. The size and weight are more appealing, and despite what others say, I think the styling is beautiful."

I started using a Super Graphic about 3 years ago, I'd become frustrated by the Crown Graphic and had taken my Wista 45DX to Turkey but would have to decide on whether to take the Crown or the Wistya depending on whether I'd have to shoot handheld, I wasoften travlleing with a backpack so taking both wasn't an option. The Super Graphic meant I'd one camera that I could use for everything, plenty of movements, a rotating back etc.

There's plenty of other camera options but I'd suggest finding an LF worker near you and seeing if you can go out and see cameras in action.