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I was a 35 mm shooter for a long time. I started shooting with a 5D2 a couple of years ago (I held out for as long as I could). Well, as my luck would have it I recently came upon a mint condition RB67 Pro-S with some very nice lenses. The bigger medium format film is blowing me away. I love working with it. Now I'm thinking I might love large format even more because...well the bigger the better right?!

Anyways, where do I start?? What sort of budget should I look at for decent gear? I don't want to jump into it immediately, but by the time I do I would be willing to shell out maybe 1-2k (I'm okay with good quality used gear).
Large Format is so much fun, and so different! Its completely different to small formats, so its not about supplanting them. Its an addition, a new skill and medium. Apart from cruising the large format forum (another site), the best article I've read for newbies is this;


I ended up buying the same Camera brand new from Badget Graphic, a wonderful shop in the US with a new Rodenstock 240mm lens and a second hand Super Angulon F8 (also based on recommendation from Kenny). These are cheap, plentiful, small and wonderful. The Tackihara folded up is smaller and lighter than my D50 DSLR (the smallest and light DSLR).

You can buy second hand for a field camera, but unless you buy something really heavy and solid, they can sag/flex over a few decades, and the Tak is cheap new anyways. So why not support a company with your Wallet? The whole setup will cost lest than an L-series lens.

Film is cheap, as you use bugger all.