I spent the good part of the afternoon last Wednesday in my "darkroom", which basically means I got to be really close friends with the washer, dryer, and toilet since my "darkroom" is our utility room. In any event, since I hadn't been in the darkroom since August, it was really nice to do so, and it has certainly gotten me going again. Since then, I've been thinking about things that I can do creatively to spice things up a bit, instead of printing photos in the same old mundane manner - paper in the easel, 1/4 inch border, develop, stop, rinse, repeat... In other words, always coming out with a straight-forward, four sided, crisp photo.

I started to remember things that my high school photography teacher had us try, such as "flicking" drops of developer onto the paper with a toothbrush, or misting it with a spray bottle etc. And that led me into trying to figure out "new" ways to create frames or borders, such as a torn paper "edge", or maybe figuring out a way to 'pre-flash' and make a black border instead of white.

And that is what I'm wondering.... what are some of y'alls favorite creative approaches when printing? Or what else can I try to shake things up a bit?

Any ideas or suggestions?