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Personally, I would try and see if you can borrow or rent a camera before committing - I thought that LF was where I wanted to be, but to be honest after having a play with one (albeit, small), I am not so sure now.

i agree with hoffy

not sure where you live, maybe there is a LFer nearby
and you and he/she can go on a safari together
and swap cameras &c. i would have suggested renting one
but there are so few pro stores around nowadays
that it might be easier to just get together with someone ..
if you live in / near RI i would be happy to show you a speed graphic
( focal plane shutter ) + crown graphic too ( both just p/shoot 4x5 press cameras / boxes
with nothing but a tiny bit of rise, and a toyo cx ( monorail camera so you can do movements to
straighten out architecture, and do looming foreground &c landscape shots ...
the toyo is currently for sale here in the classifieds
( http://www.apug.org/forums/forum379/...lows-more.html )
thanks rick for the cue !