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The patents, yes but not the formulas. If Kodak really wants to say Kodachrome is dead, they should make the formulas available through something like a creative commons licence, with the only condition being that anyone who decides to use them must credit Eastman Kodak with the process design.
Kodak has made everything needed to do K-14 available. It should be made known that there are various publications from as early as the 1960's which clearly state multiple formulas and methodologies required and capable of producing a colour result from kodachrome. I suspect (and while I do not know for sure) that the process methodologies and formulas would be very similar and with appropriate tweaking could be adapted to k-14. Think Dyanchrome, Fuji and I believe Konica may have also had processes similar to k-11, k-12 there is information and methodology info that can be adapted from these sources as well. Mind you with what Kodak has released about the k-14 process (which I believe is everything) I know as fact what is in the patents makes it possible for processing to be done. Though as I have stated in the past the Yellow Dye Developer I use is not from the K-14 process.