As it now stands, Kodachrome was the first reversal film to go, process and all, and E6 may follow in its footsteps. Kodak has already discontinued their E6 line of films. Fuji now has the full market, but digital is replacing reversal film rapidly. So, the full E6 line will be the next to go.

As for the other suggestions, you cannot turn just any color material into Kodachrome. You cannot take reflection print materials and coat them on film support. I've done that, and it looks crappy. It would take a major revamping effort and lots of money to come up with something, and to do that someone must put up the money at the very start!

The Ilfochrome materials have ISO values of about 10 or thereabout while the grain looks like an ISO 800 film. That is the nature of dye bleach. It is good for films, but not for in-camera use.

All of these suggestions are pipe dreams, and I can guess what you are smoking. Even the Kodak rep had no idea of what he was saying. There is no market for Kodachrome and it will not come back. I wish that i was wrong, but that is the state of the market!!!!