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Eyepiece shutter - little plastic/rubber widget... I've got 'em, I've never used 'em. If I'm going to take the time and trouble to set my camera up on a tripod and attach a remote cable, I'm also going to set it to Manual and use an external light meter.

I almost died laughing when I first saw the hot shoe cover/eyepiece blind/battery door lever that came with a friend's A-1. He broke one of the two tiny tabs that hold it onto the eyepiece, rendering it unusable, so he threw it away. A few years later he was wondering why they made the battery door so hard to get open.
The eyepiece cover has nothing to do with metering, it's that with long exposures, you sometimes have light leak THROUGH THE VIEWFINDER so you need to cover it so that when the mirror is up and shutter is open, the film doesn't get unwanted stray light from the viewfinder.


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