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I shot a lot more Kodachrome than what's there, but much of it was documenting family and friends that year so I've not posted that kind of stuff.

One slide I value greatly is a photo of my then new girlfriend, now wife, and my mother, then 82 years old and having been very sick earlier that year, hugging at Christmas, the first time they met. My mom loves my wife and liked her immediately. It's a shot with a lot of personal meaning but not one for Flickr.

Dwayne's also managed to scratch it. It doesn't ruin it, but I'd rather it weren't scratched. I thought about getting an Ilfochrome of it when I could but didn't. I don't know if the one or two commercial labs doing Ilfochrome still have any or not.
Granted Dwayne's had a lot of film coming through at the end, but they certainly had their issues, lost about 3 rolls of film to them, just blank, from different cameras all sent at the same time, they said "must have been my camera" but again, multiple campers a, sucks because its basically all of my Hollywood LA stay is gone, a missing part of my book, it sucks.

Another reason K didn't survive, too muck risk in error...


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