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There is one of those exact Minoltas on Amazon right now for $18.

He will be more likely to use something he actually chose. IMO
I agree. Let him be his own person, and let him see how his choice works out. Let him see what he can do with it.

There was an old race car story that is related (I think I may have got it from one of Caroll Smith's books). Back in the day, the specific tire compounds for a major Indy-car race were based on the choice of one or two racers doing tire tests for the main tire maker (such as Goodyear). The choice was made, and race tires were produced. During practice week, the tires were causing problems for nearly everyone. Couldn't get grip, the tires were overheating and chunking off tread, etc. They all said the tires were crap. Except for the guy who picked the compound; he was flying, nobody could understand how he was doing so well. Later, someone asked him how he did it. Well, he acknowleded, the tires really were horrible. But since he was the one who picked them, he couldn't complain - he HAD to make them work! So he somehow found a way to do so.