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Yeah, I've seen those. They're such utterly losable little things, with what seems to me minimal utility, that I always wondered why they bothered. But Fabrizio considers them important, and of course there's no disagreement with what someone else finds useful. Just goes to show about tastes and styles.
I normally meter manually but there are circumstances when you do auto work without your eye on the eyepiece. Imagine taking pictures above your head as an example, or tripod work when for some reason you want the camera to meter for you.

What I mean is that the small mechanical shutter inside the pentaprism is an expensive piece of precision mechanics, and it's wasted money. An ocular shutter as a piece of plastic in your camera strap costs very near to nothing and is always there when needed. Many professional cameras have the expensive contraction unnecessarily raising the cost. More economical cameras never have it. I like when something is very simple and economical yet very effective.