I'm trying to fund an 8X10 camera purchase, so my Tech IV kit is on the block. Serial number is 71412 which I believe makes it a 1962 Technika IV. Camera works great - everything is solid, bellows don't leak, gears all work as they should. I never used the extending tilting back, but it is all fully functional. Body comes with original ground glass and a Really Right Stuff adapter plate. Also includes the handgrip (this really makes the camera handle great). Also comes with the following;

  • 210mm Rodenstock APO Sironar-N in Copal #0 shutter. Lens had a small dent or blemish of some kind that has been fixed, but it left the threads a little buggered and a mark in the finish of the lens body. The glass is great, but has been cleaned with lens tissue, by me over the years I've owned it, so, if you get out a magnifying glass and start looking, you'll see there has been a tissue on the glass. That being said, the lens is not mint, it is used, but well cared for. The shutter speeds are right on target. Comes mounted on a Technika lensboard. You cannot beat APO Rodenstock glass, I just love the looks this lens produces.
  • 5 boxes of 4X5 film. I've owned it all since new, all have been kept cold except when I am loading film out of one box, the rest of the time it's in my freezer. All are now expired, all good (everything processes spot on and in line with my inital film speed tests). Here is the breakdown;
  • 1 Box (100 sheets) Kodak TMAX-400 - opened - a little less than 1/2 full exp 07/2003
  • 2 Boxes (100 sheets each) Kodak TMAX-100. One is sealed (exp 10/2002), the other is opened but feels at least 3/4 full (exp 08/2003)
  • 2 boxes (50 sheets each) Kodak TMAX-400. One is sealed (exp 06/2007), the other is opened but feels at least 3/4 full (exp 06/2007)
  • 18 each 4x5 film holders. 13 are Riteway with metal clip darkslides. The remaining 5 are Lisco Regal II with plastic clip darkslides. all work great, all are marked or labeled in some way or another.

$1350 + Shipping (which I estimate at about $45.00 anywhere in the CONUS, overseas will probably be at least double that cost).