I have a fairly similar history to the OP. My primary camera is a fairly ancient Pentax 645, but I use a lot of other film cameras (mostly MF) too. I also use a Nikon D-200 and a Canon G-12 for a fairly large volume of digital work. I scan my film so that I can index and print the negatives easily. I back up to DVDs. I have had some disasters in the past. I can usually recover (very slowly) from the DVD backups, but not always. Lately I installed a RAID 4 array which gives me some (but not total) peace of mind. One worry is losing my Lightroom index, which is backed up but not on the RAID drive. Another worry is the ever changing digital format fashions - will I be able to read the DVDs or use the RAID drive in the future? It's nice to have negatives.