Thank you everyone for the help! Its very tempting to want to dive in and get it working "right now", but I think I'd rather send it out and be sure it's done right. I looked at Sover Wong's website and would love to send it off to him, quite expensive but I'm sure the camera would outlive any of us after he goes over it. Glad to see that there are some other highly recommended service people closer too. Well, I might just hold off until after the holidays to send it anywhere. I have a feeling that soon family members will be asking what I would like for Christmas, so maybe I'll suggest helping fund a professional CLA.

Looking forward to shooting with this camera! Lately I've mostly been shooting Acros with my Rolleiflex, and I have a feeling that and the F2 could keep me perfectly happy for many years. I've accumulated too many cameras the last couple years, but it seems like the more I shoot, the more I favor a select few.