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You might find the blix isn't happy with the fixer carry over. I use Kodak C41 chems and use a 30 second stop and water rinse after the developer to keep the bleach happier with no dev or stop carry over.
Note that Kodak's C41 bleach uses a more aggressive bleaching compound (Ammonium Ferric PDTA) than most other C41 bleaches and especially BLIXes, therefore you may see these problems only with Kodak's dev kits. I'm not sure about Fuji, but Tetenal definitely uses Ammonium Ferric EDTA.

nworth, I have read many many times that BLIXes are not as good as separate bleach and fix steps, but apart from the issues listed above, Tetenal's C41 kit has worked reasonably well for me so far. Yes, the BLIX has limited working solution life, but so does the CD anyway. Who needs bleach and fix living for 6 months if the CD goes bad after 4 weeks?