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The report says for 2Q FY 2013 (April-September 2012) Fujifilm Group (AKA Fujifilm Holdings Corporation) the revenue was 1,061 billion Yen (I assume the report calls this 2Q because it comes at the end of the 2Q.)

Imaging Solutions had a revenue of 142 billion Yen or 13.4% of Fujifilm Group revenue. Of the Imaging Solutions revenue, Photo Imaging was 67% (95.1 billion Yen) or 9.0% of Fujifilm Group revenue. Electronic Imaging was 33% (46.9 billion Yen) or 4.4% of Fujifilm Group revenue.

This report doesn't breakdown film sales, but they would be some (probably small) part of the 9.0% figure.
That 95.1 billion yen is film related business no? That is much larger than their camera business! I had no idea of this.