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Hello everyone.

I've read lots of recommendations regarding the toning in selenium or gold that say that in order to achieve archival permanence it is necessary to "tone to completion". Since I'm mostly interested in image permanence and do not want too much color shift, I've bought a bottle of Tetenal Gold toner. How do I make sure that the toning has been taken to completion? The color shifts slightly rather quickly, and then how long should I keep the prints in toner? Does this time increase as the toner gets exhausted?
I use Ilford MGIV FB.

Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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Not sure about gold toner, but in selenium, i believe "completion" is when the the shift in density is to your liking, the permanence factor is there. I tone using a 1:10 ratio with selenium for about 5 min or so as I don't prefer much of a color shift, but rather a general deepening of the low tones. I think a stouter ratio will actually produce a more pronounced color shift toward a purplish color, but I've never gone stronger than 1:10, color shift is also dependent on the paper's emulsion.