I recently developed some color negative film in Rodinal as B&W. I was then told I could bleach, exposed, then redevelop as color to get a positive. At this point the film had already been completely developed, including fixing. I have found many pages discussing this technique, but have not seen anyone give a detailed step-by-step. Usually its just something like "develop as B&W, reexpose, develop as color" Thats a little vague, so i put this info together as best as I could and took a guess. They developed, but still as negative! please help. Here's what I did, in detail.

Film: Fuji C-41 color film, ISO 200 (not expired)
1) Developed in X-Tol 1+1 at 40c (104f), for 40 min.
2) stop bath for 1 min
3) fixed for 5 min (illford rapid fixer for B&W)
4) Removed from tank. (B&W negative was clearly visible)
5) Back in tank, bleach for 3.5 min (rollie/comprard c-41 bleach)
6) Removed to reexpose (Image was still clearly visible, positive i think, but looked like a pink monochrome color)
7) back in tank, developed as normal with rollie/comprard c-41 kit (dev, bleach, wash, fix, wash, stabilize)

The images are negative! I have not scanned them yet (I will post once I do) but they look like normally developed C-41 negatives. Someone who's done this, please point out where I went wrong. Should I have not fixed in step 3? Should i not expose between 3 and 5? Should I shuffle my steps at random and try that? Please help. Thanks.