Here's a look at my current setup, my first actual darkroom.

I started out with a small enlarger (LPL 6600) doing a little bit of printing inside of our sauna. After being given a new enlarger (Omega B-66 XL) along with a full darkroom setup, my wife was OK with us getting rid of the sauna. So I have about 32 sq ft to work with on one half of our laundry room, along with access to the laundry sink.

On the dry side I mounted the enlarger directly onto a workbench and store paper, negative binders, lenses, bulbs etc. in the drawers. I also keep my film scanner in there so I can pull it out to do scanning.

On the 'wet' side I threw together a cheap plywood/2x4 bench to hold working trays. I should probably coat the tabletop somehow as right now it is just soaking up any drops of chemicals or, better yet, actually turn it into more of a sink. Storage underneath for trays, chemicals and whatnot.

Over in the corner with the laundry sink is where I do my rinsing and I also have spaces there to dry prints, film, and also a drying rack for containers. I have an old Arkay print dryer that I've been using to fully dry prints into a flat state. I'm just using a kitty litter tray to rinse prints for now, getting a print washer would be nice at some point.

Jammed onto the shelf and into corners are the piles of gear that I'm not using, mostly color stuff like drums, processors, color enlarger head and various easels. I also have a huge supply of dry mounting stuff that is stashed underneath the 'wet' side.

The only thing I really need is a space heater, it stays around 15 C in there in the winter and it would be nice to bring it up to 20 C when I am working. Will probably pick one up this week.