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If you go back and reread the 96 posts before this one, I think you'll find there are already several willing—or who at this stage of the game say they are willing—to take the OP up on his potential offer. Together they seemed to account for perhaps 8 to maybe 12 rolls, depending on whether the idea of passing around shared Kodachrome cameras got organized.

Some wanted to use their last unexposed rolls from their freezers. Some wanted to do their first (and presumably last) roll. Some wanted the chance to process meaningful rolls that somehow missed the final Dwayne's deadline, and now sit exposed and orphaned in cold storage. One poster was even possibly willing to pay for 4 rolls himself.

I'm guessing that this trial balloon was floated precisely to gauge the potential size of this "market" and potential interest in this unique "service" that may at some point be available to offer? And while the trial balloon price is expensive, it's apparently not prohibitively expensive for everyone.

It's an awfully big world out there...

A lot of people that could afford it, look at the minimum price, $250. Now you could go out and buy 13 rolls (maybe more) of fresh E6 film and get them processed for the same money. If everybody who thought about a roll of Kodachrome, went out and bought, shot and processed 13 rolls of E6, we might be able to keep E6 from following K14 into the netherworld. The Kodachrome horse is dead, so lets just quit beating on it.