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I already knew that there is some strict relation between E-6 first developer and B&W developer (Rudeofus confirmed it to me in his post in this thread) but I found out today that the two are actually quite similar.

I mentioned that you can do some preliminary tests with B&W developer, but you should definitely not expect useful slides if you use it instead of E6 FD. And if you start adding all the ingredients to regular B&W developer to make it work for E6, you might as well start from scratch, you will have much higher chances of success that way.

If you look at B&W, most developers consists of the four typical compounds developer agent, alkali, restrainer and solvent. Sometimes one compound plays more than one role, and sometimes restrainer and/or solvent are left out. There is no need for balancing multiple emulsion layers, and a bit of over- or underdevelopment rarely hurts.

E6 on the other side is carefully composed to develop three color layers at matching speeds, it makes sure that you end up with the best possible Dmin and Dmax (and matched for three colors! ), and it does this well for all E6 films you throw at it.

If you really really feel like home brewing, I'd recommend start with Stefan's thread about his chrome brew. He gives us a glimpse into his work and should serve as warning to us that E6 home brew is no easy task if we want good results.