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+1. However, I think that it's going to be more than a single decade. What will happen is that there will be the film archive, and then there will essentially be nothing else. Like that silicone disc sent into space, the image won't exist without actually being an image. The oldest images are made with pigment on a cave wall, down deep, protected from the elements. But with digital, it barely exists, just as much as a spark exists.

The only reliable evidence will come from stuff like Vivian Maier and people like her, wandering out and photographing. But of course the next problem comes with actually storing the negatives. What then? That's always a problem. Such is life.
I think that what is most likely to happen is this. In 2112 your great grand children will find a bunch of 10cm shiny discs, the printing on it long faded away, and nobody having used a CD medium in over 50 years they will toss it away. Another box will have some B&W negatives in it maybe a few slides, they will see that it looks something like a picture, they will not throw it away, but be interested in seeing if there is a way to retrieve it. Funny thing about current technology, the Wally World prints made using a machine like a Fuji Fronteer may long outlast the data itself.....