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First of all, I'm not trying to tell anyone what they should or should not do, with their own money, they are free to spend it whatever way they like. There is a reality though, no start-up business based on requiring a product no longer manufactured, is going to live long, especially when that product is perishable and all remaining stocks are past their use before date. Those 8-12 rolls are not a done deal, they may be interested, but there is a long way between interested and willing to part with cash. Meanwhile, while we are futzing around and spending gobs of R&D and money on getting elderly Kodachrome processed, we might lose E6, because the market for it isn't exactly growing either. If I had a roll of Kodachrome at this point, I doubt I would use it knowing that it costs $250 to get it processed. If it was already exposed, it would have been processed into B&W by now, if it missed the last run.
Your agenda may not be everyone else's agenda. That often happens in life.